Throwback Thursday: “Over the Rainbow”-Judy Garland

I am about 100% sure this is the first song I ever sang. I can remember this movie being my all time favorite. I would watch it, and, in full costume, I would stand in front of the TV and act out everything and sing along to the movie. I can only remember doing this with three other things: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and the 10th anniversary of Les Mis. Yes, I was a four-year-old singing Fantine. The Wizard of Oz means so much to me, when I look back at it now. I kind of owe my love of musicals to it. Maybe one day, when I accept a TONY, I’ll thank my mom for putting up with my loud, and I’m sure annoying, musical tendencies.
And you know, I thank her NOW for putting up with my even bigger musical tendencies. We sang “One Day More!” on the way home from Greenville about six or seven times. Not even kidding. Then, while we were putting groceries, I couldn’t stop singing The Phantom of the Opera.
Sitting here listening to this song just makes me really happy, and it fills me with this kind of genuine joy you don’t find very often.
That…that is the power of music, I believe.
Pure, genuine happiness.
Have a good night/day. 🙂