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Motivation Monday: “I’m A Star”-Scott Alan

I GOT A CALLBACK! For Eponine AND Cosette! AH! I am super pumped. Callbacks are in exactly a week, and I am going to practice until I can’t anymore. I’m kind of focusing more on Eponine, because I don’t have the voice for Cosette (yet) and I don’t know, my main focus is going to be Eponine.
This song today is an awesome song! Very motivational because YOU are a star 🙂


Motivation Monday: “Don’t Rain on My Parade”-Glee Cast

So, Motivation Monday. I know everyone always hates Mondays, but I don’t think they’re all that bad, to be honest. I like to think of them as a chance to start over. Is that lame?
As you know from yesterday’s post, in now three days time I will be auditioning for Les Mis! I’m very thrilled for this opportunity. My friends and I have been counting down since about 45 days from auditions, so we are literally beyond pumped. I love my theatre friends. They make me smile…quite a lot.
I’m going to share with you lovely readers of my blogs one of my most top secret rituals, and it very highly involves the song of the day, “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. I like the Glee version because I seriously idolize Rachel Berry and she is just…me. Is that lame? Nah.
Well, I have these times where I just feel like…blah. I feel like I’m just physically and mentally drained. These times aren’t particularly fun for my usually bubbly and smiley self. So, I’ve created something I do every time I feel like this. Oh, I also do this before any big audition or performance. I do it to get in the zone. Usually when I’m drained like this, I need to get back in the zone, and when it’s the night before an audition or performance, I need to get in the zone.
So what do I do, exactly?
Step by step:
1. Draw a bath/bubbles/good smelling body stuff, all that 🙂
2. Light candles
3. Turn the lights off
4. Set up iPod dock
5. Put this song on repeat
6. Get in bath
7. Reeeeeeeeeelax
8. Sit 20 minutes or so (or until you’re wrinkly) (wrinkly=IN THE ZONE)
9. Get out
10. Brush teeth, lotion, moisturize (MOISTURIZING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER) (you can also lip sync this song….helps a TON)
11. Throw on fuzzy robe
12. Sleep

I wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to go! Usually the next morning, I drink hot tea and remind myself with the golden (literally) words: “I’m a star.”

So, if you are feeling drained because of school, or your boyfriend/girlfriend is giving you trouble, or anything else that could possibly be troubling, I advise you to follow the instructions listed above because hey, you are amazing and NOBODY CAN RAIN ON YOUR PARADE!

And if you have an upcoming audition or performance, follow the instructions above and you keep your head up because YOU are a star and YOU are going to smash whatever it is you’re doing. 🙂

I believe in and love you all!

-Anna 🙂

Motivation Monday: “Gonna Fly Now”

So. I have an A/P test tomorrow. And I am noooowhere near ready for it. I kind of got a little hard on myself about my grades and not being good enough and what not. I didn’t want to be all sad and everything, so I looked up motivational songs. And I found this. THE THEME SONG FROM ROCKY. (my #1 running song, by the way)
I like to imagine myself walking in to the classroom tomorrow and having a montage of myself just getting every answer correct and having THIS song playing in the background and then turning the test in and running out of the classroom and busting out into a full fledged musical number.
*Earth to Anna* *Earth to Anna*
Whatever happens tomorrow, I will take it like a man. God didn’t give me my lady balls for no reason. Ah, that’s a joke, calm yourselves.
IF you are sad or going through a existential crisis, LISTEN TO THIS SONG. Just know that I and a whole lot of other people believe in you and that you WILL get through whatever it is you are going through.
This post has been a (humorous) success, I feel.
Happy Monday, you crazy people.

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